Alejandro Marti

President and founder of Mexico SOS

Alejandro Joaquín Martí García was born on March 8 1950 in Mexico City. His family descends from the nineteenth century Cuban liberator José Martí. He is grandson of the sports goods merchant Domingo Martí Riera, and son of Domingo Martí Fortún and Graciela García Petzold. Since very young he became interested in business. He creates the first sporting goods store to celebrate the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City. He opens an innovative second store where the customers have direct access to the sports goods and equipment. Before that, in Mexico customers were not allowed to manipulate freely the sports goods, which were only displayed and showed by the sellers before buying them. He finished his BA at Universidad La Salle, where he studied Business Administration. In his own words, his generation was willing to do something for Mexico: they wanted to contribute to the consolidation of a better country through their personal projects.

Leading the real estate corporation “Fondo Opción”as President and co-founder, he starts consolidating his sports companies. In 1995 he founds the first Health and Fitness Center of the country, known as Sport City. His intention was not only to set up a gym, but to create an innovative multidisciplinary center where people could practice several sports, from weight lifting to swimming, fitness, athletics, etc.

In 2007,  he relinquishes his sports empire to his friend Alfredo Harp Helú and to his son Alfredo Harp Calderoni. This is one of the hardest decisions he made in his life. He is currently President for life of the Administrative Committee of “Grupo Martí, S.  A.” a corporation integrated by more than one hundred sports stores, and thirty two health and fitness centers known as Sport City.

Member of the Board of Directors of the following companies:

Administradora de Centros Comerciales Santa Fe, S.A. de C.V,  Mexicana de Restaurantes, S.A. de C.V., Procorp, S.A. de C.V., Ferruco Equity Partners, S.A. de C.V., Progress Investments LLC, Paga Todo, Mas Negocio, Promotora Progrupo, Hildebrando, S.A. de C.V.

Besides his passion for art, Alejandro Martí is deeply engaged with philanthropic activities. In 2004 he founds the “Fundación Martí”, which financially supports several institutions devoted to help orphan children.
Awards and honors

He received the Honor Medal for Enterprise Merit by the Chamber of Commerce of Mexico City.

He was considered “Person of the Year” by the magazines “Expansión” and “El Semanario”.

He has also been considered for five consecutive years as one of the 300 leaders of Mexico by the magazine “Líderes”.


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